Using an integrative approach of hands on creative tools and holistic self-rituals, I guide my clients through self-awareness, self-care, and self-keeping to be able to write a new story of transformation that reflects the joy and synergy they have in their lives, careers, and business. I also help individuals who are in transition from the corporate desk to solopreneurship gain insight, plan, develop, and execute their goals to a harmonious vocation and life.

Because I am a change and transformation coach, the coaching process is a journey. This is why I offer 2 kinds of sessions: a single focused session and a 3 month program.

The single session is 2 hours in length where we focus on a particular challenge.

The 3 month program is a series of monthly sessions. You can choose between 2, 4, or 6 sessions a month at 1 hour or 90 minutes each. Current clients have the option to schedule and purchase additional 1 hour session calls in between their regular sessions if needed.

Corporate coACHING

After almost 10 years in talent acquisition, HR, career guidance, and headhunting, I now help companies discover human capital and employee relations challenges. We work together to develop training, programs, and process improvement to build better relationships, thriving work cultures, and improve acquisition and retention of talent.


I help brands and individuals navigate crafting their message for digital and print. In addition, I am available for editing, ghostwriting, and copywriting for a variety of genres including: mental health and wellness, clinical and healthcare, art and photography, marketing and design, as well as career and job search.




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