Creative Empath


Woman in Progress

Hello, my name is Tracy. I am a photographer, artist, and writer. I have spent 14 years dedicating myself to storytelling for others. From creating brands to documenting trauma to covering protests and the streets of various cities. Always behind the camera, I amassed a portfolio across several genres. I became a master storyteller for others.

In 2017, after taking a leap to move to NYC to follow my dreams, I fell into a creative black hole. I hid from my creativity, I hid from others, I hid behind closed doors the reality of what my life had become. I was involved in an all consuming emotional, financial, and physically abusive relationship. I was manipulated and controlled. I fell into a depression and became physically ill. Desperate to escape but seeing no way out, I caved for almost two years. I sunk inside myself, ignored my intuition and wandered through my days as a zombie. I believed every word that my abuser used. I believed I deserved abuse. I believed I was nothing.

And I covered it all up. I did not love myself nor trust myself. I became a victim.

Finally, after months of getting sober in body and mind, I began waking up. No longer a zombie, I knew what I had to do. I had to leave.

So I did.

Leaving began my journey towards self-love, self-care, and survivorship. After months of sitting in the uncomfortable, lost in thoughts of what was next, I found my way towards my inner empath, my creative spirit, and my ability to help others find their way through my words and story.

My hope is to help others find their way back to their inner creative, discover their passions, and create balanced lives. Through the raw, messy, and emotionally authentic stories we can all make it from surviving to thriving.